Arabic Music Days

Inspired by Umm Kulthum

© N.N., François Guenet

Arabic Music Days 2019

Inspired by the legacy of legendary Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum, this season’s Arabic Music Days shine a spotlight on some of the most creative and original artistic voices of women in the Arabic world today. The three-day concert program includes performances by Egyptian singer Mai Farouk, Syrian singer and oud player Waed Bouhassoun, and Farida Mohamed Ali, one of the leading interpreters of Iraqi maqam.

An exhibition of recent works of visual art by Zaria Zardasht (Syria) and Nadira Mahmoud (Oman) will be on view throughout the festival. As in previous years, the program has been curated by Naseer Shamma.

Curator Naseer Shamma on the Arabic Music Days 2019

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