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Artists in Focus

Every season, the Pierre Boulez Saal will feature one or several artists—both composers and performers—as “artists in focus” in special concerts and projects. In this inaugural season, the spotlight is on two musicians of the younger generation who have both won equal acclaim as composers and clarinetists: Jörg Widmann, born 1973 in Munich, and Kinan Azmeh, born 1976 in Damascus. Widmann will not only offer the world premiere of a new work but also present a lecture and join the Boulez Ensemble for the season-opening concert. Azmeh brings two of his own ensembles, the Trio Hewar and the Damascus Festival Chamber Players to the Pierre Boulez Saal and teams up with guitar legend John McLaughlin for an evening of jazz. In the final week of the season, Widmann and Azmeh will join forces for a spectacular “Night of the Clarinets.”


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