Beethoven Cycle:
The Piano Sonatas (Copy)

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Few musicians in the world are as intimately familiar with Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas as Daniel Barenboim, who has been exploring these works since the earliest days of his career. In 1960, at the age of 17, he first played all 32 sonatas in Tel Aviv. Through countless complete performances and three complete recordings, “his” Beethoven cycle emerged, which combines earlier and later sonatas in each program. Celebrating Beethoven’s 250th anniversary at the Pierre Boulez Saal, Daniel Barenboim for the first time presents these works in chronological order of their creation—providing an exciting look at the composer’s artistic development.

Oh! It seems as if

I could not quit this earth until I had produced all I felt within me, and so I continued this wretched life ...

Ludwig van Beethoven in the "Heiligenstadt Testament" (1802)

Daniel Barenboim on Beethoven’s piano sonatas

The Beethoven Piano Sonatas

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