Boulez Biennial (Copy)

2 Cities, 3 Venues, 10 Concerts

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Starting the Season with the Boulez Biennial

For the first time, the Pierre Boulez Saal is partnering with the Philharmonie de Paris and the Musikfest Berlin to present the inaugural Boulez Biennial. Between September 1 and 10, ten concerts will highlight different aspects of Boulez’s work, from solo and ensemble works to orchestral compositions.

Culture needs no false security,

but rather open doors and a risk.

Pierre Boulez

The two programs heard at the Pierre Boulez Saal put particular focus on Boulez’s relationship with the Second Viennese School: In the season-opening concert on September 9, the Boulez Ensemble, led by Daniel Barenboim, will perform compositions by Boulez and Anton Webern. The following night, Matthias Pintscher and the Ensemble intercontemporain take on Boulez’s landmark score Le Marteau sans maître as well as Alban Berg’s Four Pieces for Clarinet and Piano. The concerts are both a tribute to one of the most influential musical figures of the last decades and a mission statement of the concert hall that bears his name.

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The Boulez Biennial at the Pierre Boulez Saal





Boulez's music and influences

The ten-day Boulez Biennale will showcase the many connections between the composer’s works and his inspiration as well as those that he influenced.

Music can be compared to a language that you can learn,

but above all you have to find your own language. When you are young you have lots of ideas. The older you are, the more attention you pay to coherence, the ideas have to fit together, have to yield a larger whole.

Pierre Boulez

The question that concerns me

is how we can bring the music of the present and the past into a dialogue.

Pierre Boulez