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Vocal Music in All Its Facets

The human voice is capable of an enormous musical expressivity. Within a small, intimate space like the Pierre Boulez Saal, where it is not unusual to find oneself in the direct vocal and visual focus of the singer on stage, it can have the power to shake us to the core, in the best sense: The immediacy of this spontaneous connection makes the safety walls behind which we routinely hide come tumbling down, reaching into our innermost. Such moments offer us an experience of ourselves and those around us that is hardly possible in everyday life. In the 2021–22 season we want to make these moments happen again and provide a space for diverse musical voices.

During the season’s second quarter, we invite you to explore vocal music in all its facets: Sainkho Namtchylak makes her Pierre Boulez Saal debut in two different musical formations performing a program that combines the overtone singing of her native Tuva in Southern Siberia with experimental music, jazz, and improvisation. Véronique Gens and Ekaterina Semenchuk, together with their piano partners, present French and Russian song repertoire. As part of the two-day Mendelssohn Festival, soprano Mojca Erdmann performs songs by Mozart and Mendelssohn as well as Aribert Reimann’s arrangement of Mendelssohn songs, while actress Martina Gedeck reads from the letters of Fanny Hensel. And in January, the Schubert Week, curated by Thomas Hampson, goes into its fourth round: for seven days and evenings, both renowned and young singers devote themselves to the multi-faceted world of German art song.

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