Webern from the Inside and Outside (Copy) (Copy)

Open House 2018

Sound Installation by Paul Brody

To Paul Brody, Webern’s compositions contain a direct emotionality in their brevity and in their use of sound colors and textures. In the fi rst part of his sound installation, he mixed recorded passages of the letters of Anton Webern with fragments of the composer’s music processed in a sampler. For the second part, which focuses on the concept of borders and space in relation to Webern’s music, Brody gave the quintessential twelvetone row from Webern’s Concerto for Nine Instruments to musicians around the world to re-interpret. The submissions included everything from guitars and cellos to a tractor, a telephone, and a truck horn. 


The Barenboim-Said Akademie and the Pierre Boulez Saal open their doors for the second time to a day full of music and many other activities. The music program 2018 is dedicated to Anton Webern.