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Distance / Intimacy

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A Festival of New Music: Available Online Through August 12, 2020

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The Livestreams: July 9–12, 2020

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For several months now, concert halls and theaters around the world have been closed and musical life, at least in public, has all but come to a halt. We wanted to use this time of uncertainty, of common reflection, of unexplored digital possibilities to launch an initiative that would bring music back to the Pierre Boulez Saal—quite literally, in unheard ways. Invited by Daniel Barenboim and Emmanuel Pahud, ten of today’s most exciting composers have engaged artistically with the unusual juxtaposition of distance and intimacy that we all find ourselves dealing with. The result are ten new works, from solo pieces to compositions for ensemble, including the human voice, that continue the musical history of the year 2020.

On four consecutive nights, beginning July 9, these works had their online premieres, framed by works of Pierre Boulez and hosted live by Daniel Barenboim and Emmanuel Pahud from the Pierre Boulez Saal. The programs remain available for free on-demand viewing and listening for 30 days. All musicians and composers involved have generously donated their time and work—as a call to common solidarity. Join us here to experience this Festival of New Music!

We are grateful to the many leading cultural institutions worldwide that are supporting this project and our mission to #KeepCultureAlive.

Irini Amargianaki
Benjamin Attahir
Johannes Boris Borowski
Luca Francesconi
Michael Jarrell
Philippe Manoury
Olga Neuwirth
Matthias Pintscher
Christian Rivet
Jörg Widmann

Pierre Boulez

Chain of Solidarity

Keep Culture Alive

The only works of art

that are interesting to me are those which allow for a change of perspective.

Pierre Boulez

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