Christian Rivet (Copy)

A Festival of New Music

Christian Rivet

Terre d’Ombres
for Solo Flute 

  • 00:58 'Terre d’ombres' for solo flute: Retrieving a lost song
  • 02:57 Poetry as inspiration: T.S. Eliot
  • 03:44 Cracks in the wall: Decoding 'Terre d’ombres'
  • 05:03 A resonance of Boulez’s 'Mémoriale': Form and structure
  • 06:18 Searching for new ways to write: Pierre Boulez
  • 08:33 Emmanuel Pahud performing in the Pierre Boulez Saal
  • 10:58 A bond of trust: on the relationship with Emmanuel Pahud
  • 12:33 Re-transcribing an inner voice: composing during quarantine

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