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The Schubert Week 2021

Many artists of this year’s Schubert Week have shared their insights on the songs they see at the core of their programs. Here you can find all Schubert Week podcasts in one place.

Marie Seidler & Frederic Jost

Low Frequency, Big Range: Frederic Jost on Schubert’s Three Italian Songs for Bass D 902

Courage! Marie Seidler on Schubert’s "Sehnsucht" D 636

Living Room Opera: Schubert’s “Szene aus Goethes Faust” D 126

On Mythical Waters: Ancient Greece and Poems by Johann Mayrhofer

Marie Seidler on "An mein Herz" D 860

Jeeyoung Lim & Hagar Sharvit

Unmuting Memnon

Hagar Sharvit on Searching and Finding in Her Program

Absence and Longing: Hagar Sharvit on "Dass sie hier gewesen" and "Die Götter Griechenlands"

Susan Zarrabi & Jussi Juola

One Man’s Joy: Susan Zarrabi on Schubert’s Der Weiberfreund and Die Männer sind méchant

Jussi Juola on his program selection

Is Another Woman’s Sorrow: Schubert’s Scene from Goethe’s Faust

Thomas Hampson

As part of this year’s Schubert Week and his “Song and Beyond” talk series on Idagio, Thomas Hampson has invited leading Schubert scholars Susan Youens and Graham Johnson to join him in an in-depth conversation on the composer and his world and to share their interpretations and comments on some of their favorite Schubert songs.

Susan Youens and Thomas Hampson discuss "Im Freien" D 880

The Schubert Universe: Thomas Hampson in conversation with Susan Youens and Graham Johnson