sounds of
sculptures (Copy)

© Alexander Polzin

Exhibition: Alexander Polzin, sounds of sculptures

In March 2020, The Art of Being Human premieres at the Pierre Boulez Saal—an interdisciplinary production that blends music from the 16th and 17th centuries, dance, and visual art. The visual concept for this project is the work of Berlin-based artist Alexander Polzin. In anticipation of the performances, he has peopled the foyer of the Pierre Boulez Saal with several of his sculptures: they are the artist’s reactions to the interplay between music and visual art, which has long served as an inspiration for him. Polzin’s Requiem, for example, reflects his dialogue with the composer György Kurtág, a friend of the artist for more than 20 years. This angular, eccentric family of angels is Polzin’s sculptural echo of various compositions Kurtág has dedicated to him. The winged beings do not remain frozen in contemplative grief but look straight at us, a challenge in their mask-like faces, and seem to ask: what next—how can things continue after the unspeakable?

Alexander Polzin: sounds of sculptures
is on view in the Pierre Boulez Saal lobby from February 5 through March 22. The exhibition is open daily and admission is free.

Beethoven © Klaus Michalek
Requiem © Norbert Banik

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