Panel discussion and poetry reading

With Fadhil Al-Azzawi, Mohammed Bennis, Gonca Özmen, and Narguess Farzad
Moderated by Stefan Weidner & Bill Swainson

Discussion in English

Reading in multiple languages

A New Divan aims to pay homage to a great European poet and to mark the 200th anniversary of the first publication of the West-Eastern Divan by celebrating our common humanity with a new collection of 24 original poems on the themes of Goethe’s work. Published by Gingko and Suhrkamp, respectively, the book features facing English and German versions by contemporary English- and German-language poets.

This afternoon marks the culmination of this joint project. Mohammed Bennis and Gonca Özmen will represent all the participating poets; Fadhil Al-Azzawi and Narguess Farzad, without whose bridge translations and advice this lyrical dialogue could not have been accomplished, will also be present. The four will read poems from A New Divan in their original language as well as the English and German versions and discuss the challenges of poetic translation with Stefan Weidner and Bill Swainson.




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