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Christian Rivet

Jörg Widmann

Pierre Boulez


Daniel Barenboim

Conductor and Piano

Emmanuel Pahud


Jörg Widmann


Tibor Reman


Michael Barenboim


Astrig Siranossian


Giuseppe Mentuccia


Dominic Oelze



Pierre Boulez

Dérive 1 for Six Instruments

Christian Rivet

Terre d'ombres for Solo Flute

Jörg Widmann

empty space for Five Players

Invited by Daniel Barenboim and Emmanuel Pahud, ten of today’s most exciting composers have engaged artistically with the unusual juxtaposition of distance and intimacy that we all find ourselves dealing with in this time of uncertainty, common reflection, and unexplored digital possibilities. The result are ten new works that will have their online world premieres on four consecutive nights, beginning July 9, framed by works of Pierre Boulez and hosted live by Daniel Barenboim and Emmanuel Pahud from the Pierre Boulez Saal.

Bringing the festival to a close, Daniel Barenboim conducts Pierre Boulez’s Dérive 1 from 1984, which is followed by Christian Rivet’s solo piece Terre d’ombres and Jörg Widmann’s empty space for five players.

The programs will remain available for free on-demand viewing and listening for 30 days. All musicians and composers involved have generously donated their time and work—as a call to common solidarity.

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