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Michelangelo String Quartet
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Richard Strauss

Four Last Songs AV 150

Linda and Michael Hutcheon

Music and Maturity

Ludwig van Beethoven

String Quartet in C-sharp Minor op. 131

Question and answer session with Linda and Michael Hutcheon 15 minutes after the end of the concert.

Following a performance of Richard Strauss’s Four Last Songs, Linda and Michael Hutcheon, authors of Four Last Songs: Aging and Creativity in Verdi, Strauss, Messiaen and Britten, will engage Edward W. Said’s influential views on artistic maturity and lateness in general and Strauss in particular. Exploring that composer’s last works and later life in the context of the gerontological theory of the “life review,” “On Late Style: Music & Maturity” will offer a perspective that both contrasts with and complements Said’s theory—a theory that was developed through a creatively against-the-grain reading of Theodor Adorno, as interpreted through the lens of pianist Glenn Gould. A consideration of Beethoven’s continuing and paramount importance in how we all conceive of late style today will precede a concluding performance of Beethoven’s String Quartet Op. 131.

All lectures will be in English with simultaneous German translation. Headphones will be provided. A valid photo ID (or €50) must be given as a deposit.

Under 30 = €15 per event.
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The program of the Edward W. Said Days will be complemented by the documentary Selves and Others, a film of Edward W. Said’s final interview. Screenings will take place on all three days of the festival at 5pm in the Mozart Auditorium of the Barenboim-Said Akademie. Admission is free but tickets are required and can be reserved by phone at +49 30 4799 7411 or at the box office. Space is limited.