Ensemble intercontemporain
Matthias Pintscher


Marion Tassou


Silvia Costa



Sasha J. Blondeau

Contre-espace for large ensemble - World Premiere

Commissioned by Ensemble intercontemporain

Magnus Lindberg

Shadow of the Future for Ensemble - German Premiere

Commissioned by Ensemble intercontemporain with support of the Meyer Foundation

Claude Vivier

Hiérophanie for Soprano and Ensemble

Seeking the sacred in the profane and the transcendent in the ordinary, the Ensemble intercontemporain and its artistic director, Matthias Pintscher, perform Hiérophanie, an enigmatic piece of instrumental theater by Claude Vivier that moves between improvisation and ritual.The program’s first half is dedicated to new works by the young Frenchman Sasha J. Blondeau and by Finnish composer Magnus Lindberg.