FRANUI - Musicbanda
Johannes Eder

Clarinet, Bass Clarinet

Andreas Fuetsch


Romed Hopfgartner

Soprano- & Alto saxophone, Clarinet

Markus Kraler

Double Bass, Accordion

Angelika Rainer

Harp, Zither

Bettina Rainer


Markus Rainer

Trumpet, Voice

Andreas Schett

Trumpet, Voice, Conductor

Martin Senfter

Valve Trombone, Voice

Nikolai Tunkowitsch


Nikolaus Habjan


In this unique music-theater performance, the ten-piece Musicbanda Franui and puppeteer Nikolaus Habjan explore the character of the wanderer, a fascinating symbol of Romanticism. Doch bin ich nirgend, ach! zu Haus (“Yet Nowhere Do I Find a Home”), the second collaboration of this group of artists, combines puppetry, recitation, and music inspired by the works of Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, and Mahler.