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Carolyn Sampson



Jörg Widmann

String Quartet No.1

Jörg Widmann

String Quartett No. 2 "Chorale Quartet"

Jörg Widmann

String Quartet No. 3 "Jagdquartett"



Jörg Widmann

String Quartett No. 4

Jörg Widmann

Attempt at the Fugue (String Quartet No.5 with Soprano)

Duration: c.: 1h 45m

As artist in focus of the Pierre Boulez Saal, Jörg Widmann is equally represented in this season’s program as a composer and performer. The adventurous British Heath Quartet, sought-after interpreters of contemporary music, now take on Widmann’s complete string quartets. For the fifth quartet, entitled “Experiment on a Fugue,” the musicians are joined by soprano Carolyn Sampson.

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