Julia Kleiter


Michael Gees



Die Macht der Liebe D 308

Die abgeblühte Linde D 514

Das Weinen D 926

Hänflings Liebeswerbung D 552

Nach einem Gewitter D 561

Sehnsucht D 310

Mignon D 321 "Kennst du das Land"

Idens Schwanenlied D 227

Idens Nachtgesang D 227

Geist der Liebe D 233

Ganymed D 544

Der Fischer D 225

Erster Verlust D 226

Der Abend D 221

Liane D 298

Heimliches Lieben D 922

Luisens Antwort D 319

Das Sehnen D 231

Die Sternenwelten D 307

Iphigenia D 573

Vor meiner Wiege D 927

Abendbilder D 650

Approximate running time: 1h 30m with one intermission

Schubert’s fascination with the songs of Mignon from Goethe’s Wilhelm Meister’s Apprenticeship lasted for more than a decade. Two of his settings—including one of the famous poem about the “land where the lemon trees blossom”—are among the highlights of Julia Kleiter’s recital program, which focuses on several characters of women and girls. The German soprano is joined by pianist Michael Gees, who is also an acclaimed composer and improviser.

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