la fonte musica

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Johannes Ciconia

Ut te per omnes celitus

Johannes Ciconia

Le Ray au soleyl


Tre fontane


Fumeux fume

Strinçe la man

Antonio Zachara da Teramo

Sumite, karissimi

Jacob de Senleches

La Harpe de melodie


Lucis eterne splendor


Chançoneta Tedescha

En attendant soufrir m'estuet

Johannes Ciconia

Una panthera

Jaquet de Noyon , Johannes Simon Hasprois

Puisque je suis fumeux


Viver ne puis

Johannes Ciconia

O virum omnimoda / Motette

Antonello da Caserta

Del glorioso titolo d'esto duce

Approximate running time: 1h 15m without intermission

The avant-garde of the Late Middle Ages: toward the end of the 14th century, innovations in composition and notation prompted a brief period in which European art music reached a level of rhythmic and melodic complexity not encountered again until the 20th century. Michele Pasotti and his ensemble La fonte musica perform vocal and instrumental works from this remarkable era.