Since current hygiene regulations do not permit intermissions, this program will be presented in two parts, beginning at 6pm and 9pm. Both parts may be booked individually or as a package with an additional dinner option.


Louis Sclavis


Benjamin Moussay


Sarah Murcia


Bruno Ducret


Annabelle Luis


Keyvan Chemirani


“This new work was born from my desire to continue to develop the confrontation of aesthetics, which has always been an important part of my music.” This is how clarinetist Louis Sclavis describes his most recent program, Les Cadences du Monde, which has its world premiere at the Pierre Boulez Saal. He is joined by three artists from vastly different backgrounds: Annabelle Luis originally comes from the world of Early Music, while fellow cellist Bruno Ducret is at home in various styles and genres; Keyvan Chemirani is a master of traditional Iranian percussion. For the evening’s second set, Sclavis presents music from his 2019 album Characters on a Wall, in a trio formation with Benjamin Moussay and Sarah Murcia.

Due to the current regulations, the two-hour program will be presented in two sections:

6 pm: Les Cadences du Monde
9 pm: Characters on a Wall

Each section may also be booked individually. For those who would like to experience the entire program, an additional dinner option is also available.

Concert-and-Dinner Package

If you would like to attend both parts of the concert, why not complete the evening with a delicious dinner? Since our usual selection of Middle-Eastern dishes from Casalot Catering currently cannot be served in the foyer, we will instead take you to the Casalot restaurant on Claire-Waldoff-Strasse 5, approximately 1.5 km from the Pierre Boulez Saal. A shuttle bus will leave from the hall right after the first part of the concert and take you back in time for the second half. (Of course you may also drive, bike, or walk by yourself.) At the restaurant, we will reserve a table for you. The specially created dinner includes vegetarian and vegan options.

Louis Sclavis on “Characters on a Wall”

Inspired by the works of Ernest Pignon-Ernest

Louis Sclavis’s Characters On a Wall is inspired by eight works of Ernest Pignon-Ernest, a French graphic artist and one of the pioneers of urban art.

Louis Sclavis on "Les Cadences du Monde"