Michael Volle


Helmut Deutsch



Prometheus D 674

Orest auf Tauris D 548

Der entsühnte Orest D 699

Freiwilliges Versinken D 700

Nachtstück D 672

Der Wanderer D 649 «Wie deutlich des Mondes Licht»

Einsamkeit D 620

Der Schiffer D 536

Auf dem See D 543

Der Strom D 565

Wie Ulfru fischt D 525

Auf der Donau D 553

Schiffers Scheidelied D 910

L'incanto degli occhi D 902/1

Il traditor deluso D 902/2

Il modo di prender molgie D 902/3

Approximate running time: 1h 30m without intermission

Multiple themes run through the Schubert program of baritone Michael Volle and pianist Helmut Deutsch—from evocations of night and lonely wanderings to songs based on Greek mythology, including the dramatic Prometheus, from pieces inspired by settings on or by the water to the trio of graceful Italian-style canzoni. The concert also examines Schubert’s friendship with the poet Johann Baptist Mayrhofer, whose work accounts for half of the songs’ texts.

This concert is part of the Schubert Lieder Cycle.