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Richard Strauss

Four Last Songs AV 150

Late Style: Music and Maturity

Ludwig van Beethoven

String Quartet A Minor op. 132

Questions and Answers with Linda and Michael Hutcheon

Duration: c.: 3h 45m

In the festival’s first lecture, “On Late Style: Music & Maturity,” Linda and Michael Hutcheon, authors of Four Last Songs and Opera: Desire, Disease, Death, contrast their thesis of artistic maturity with that of Edward W. Said. Instead of restlessness and fragmentation marking old age, the Hutcheons look at artists liberated from the constraints of the public and working for pleasure. Performances of Richard Strauss’s Four Last Songs and Beethoven’s String Quartet Op. 131 frame the lecture.

All lectures will be in English with simultaneous German translation. Headphones will be provided. A valid photo ID (or €50) must be given as a deposit.