Arditti Quartet


String Quartet No. 1 - concert begins at 12pm

String Quartet No. 2 - concert begins at 2pm

String Quartet No. 3 - concert begins at 3pm

String Quartet No. 4 - concert begins at 5pm

String Quartet No. 5 - concert begins at 6pm

Elliott Carter was a phenomenon. The New York–born composer (1908–2012) lived to the age of 103, and his creative powers remained undiminished to the end. The Pierre Boulez Saal now opens its doors for an entire day of music by Carter for audiences of all ages.

In the concert hall itself, the Arditti Quartet—celebrated around the world for its interpretations of contemporary music—will perform all five of Carter’s string quartets.

Under the title “Carter for Kids,” the public of the future will get to experience Carter’s music in special young people’s concerts in the Mozart Auditorium of the Barenboim-Said Akademie.

The students and faculty of the academy invite you to discover a few of Elliott Carter's short solo works. These "Listen-Up" Concerts will allow you to experience the pioneering spirit and will that the composer shares with the members of the academy.

All visitors are invited to explore the academy building and the Pierre Boulez Saal.

Admission to all events is free, tickets for the string quartets and the children’s concerts are available at the box office one hour before the concerts. The house will be open from 11am to 7pm (up to maximum capacity of visitors), with doors to the hall and auditorium opening 15 minutes prior to each event. All seating is by general admission.

Carter for Kids





Mozart Auditorium. Suitable for children from 6 years to 14. Admission for 1 adult only if accompanied by at least 1 child. In German.

"Listen-Up" Concerts









Duration: 3-10 min. General admission according to number of seats available, no tickets required.