Patti Smith


Tony Shanahan


Known as the “punk poet laureate,” Patti Smith has been writing music history for more than four decades. Now the legendary singer, writer, and activist comes to the Pierre Boulez Saal for the first time. Joined by her longtime bandmate, keyboard player/guitarist Tony Shanahan, Smith presents a concert entitled Erinnerung (“Memory”). The following evening, both artists, who were invited to perform in Berlin by Daniel Barenboim and the city’s Senator for Cultural Affairs, Klaus Lederer, for the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, will be heard with a second program, Mauern werden einstürzen (“Walls Will Crumble”) at the Gethsemane Church in the Prenzlauer Berg district.

Tickets for the Pierre Boulez Saal concert go on sale Monday, September 16. Admission to the concert at the Gethsemane Church is free, donations are appreciated. Further details will be announced at a later date.