Jörg Widmann


Tabea Zimmermann


Dénes Varjon



Märchenerzählungen Op. 132

Fantasy Pieces Op. 73 for Clarinet and Piano

"Es war einmal..." Five pieces in fairy-tale style for Clarinet, Viola and Piano (2015)

Märchenbilder Op. 113 for Viola and Piano

Piano Trio in E-flat Major K. 498 "Kegelstatt"

Approximate running time: 1h 45m with one intermission

“Once upon a time…” Like many other composers of the Romantic era, Robert Schumann found inspiration in the power of fantasy. This program includes his depictions of classic fairy tales in Märchenbilder, the Fantasy Pieces Op. 73, and Märchenerzählungen, as well as a contemporary take on the subject by Jörg Widmann. The clarinetist and composer is joined by Tabea Zimmermann and Dénes Várjon. Rounding out the program is Mozart’s “Kegelstatt” Trio.