The Quartet Week

Three Ensembles, three Eras of the String Quartet

© Josep Molina

The Quartet Week

Once again toward the end of the season, the string quartet takes center stage at the Pierre Boulez Saal. In the space of 11 days, three top-tier international ensembles bring to life three eras of the quartet repertoire, creating inspiring encounters in the process.

Celebrating the composer’s 250th birthday, the Belcea Quartet reprises its complete Beethoven cycle heard over several months earlier in the season. Now these milestones of the genre are presented in a condensed format: performed in the order in which they were written, the 16 works trace the story of the composer’s creative life. Mozart helped lay the foundations for Beethoven’s revolutionary innovations with the string quartets from his later years. The Cuarteto Casals takes on these classic works on two consecutive days. A radically contemporary approach shapes the three programs of the JACK Quartet, an ensemble that for years has been breathing new life into the centuries-old genre by performing countless world premieres and commissioning new compositions. The group will explore the full range of contemporary string quartet writing—both in the traditional analogue setup and with an added electronic dimension—in works by Helmut Lachenmann, Catherine Lamb, Sabrina Schroeder and many others.

Concerts of the Quartet-Week