The Schubert

A World in Song

© Gregor Rohrig


“There is not one Schubert song that cannot teach us something,” Johannes Brahms once declared. Schubert wrote approximately 600 songs over the unbelievably short period of a decade and a half—but hardly one tenth of these regularly finds its way onto concert programs around the world. The cyclical presentation of the complete songs at the Pierre Boulez Saal, launched during the opening week in March 2017 with a performance of Winterreise, therefore is much more than an attempt to take an encyclopedic look at the composer’s body of work: it is a true musical journey of discovery. In the 2018–19 season, the Schubert cycle centers on the last week of January, which continues and expands, in concerts, workshops, and talks, the idea of the Schubert Weekend that took place in January 2018. Once again, Thomas Hampson will be the artistic mastermind behind the project. Also on the program are solo recitals with Mojca Erdmann, Luca Pisaroni, and Golda Schultz.

Full program details for the Schubert Weekend will be available here starting August 20.