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The 2021 Schubert Week

January is Schubert month at the Pierre Boulez Saal: for the third consecutive year, Thomas Hampson has invited renowned lied singers and the most promising talents of the younger generation, together with their piano partners, to dedicate an entire week to the world of the Schubert lied—even in these challenging times.

The full Schubert Week program with daily concerts, workshops, and conversations is available as a free live stream. The digital format also includes extended behind-the-scenes content on the songs and poems as well as interviews with some of the artists. Join us for this unique exploration of the rich cosmos of Schubert’s songs.

In cooperation with the Lied Akademie of Internationales Liedzentrum Heidelberg and the Hampsong Foundation

Catch a glimpse of Thomas Hampson's work with the artists of this year's Young Singers series

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Want to know something about Schubert, the week’s program, or one of the songs you’ve heard? Write to us and we may answer your question during the post-concert Q&As.


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