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Discover our 360° concert ellipse.

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The extraordinary architecture and acoustics of the Pierre Boulez Saal provide an excellent aural experience and a clear view of the stage from all seats. The hall's singular oval shape brings audiences and artists into close proximity.

The modular setup is adapted individually to the repertoire and number of musicians, creating different perspectives for each concert.

Seating on the stage in section A is by general admission. This also applies after the end of intermission as seats may be rearranged for the second part of any concert.

Seating plans subjet to changes. Illustrations are not binding and do not show price groups. Price groups are shown in the webshop.

Your seats at the Pierre Boulez Saal

On the parterre level, four different kinds of seats are available: upholstered armchairs, an upholstered bench with numbered seats, high chairs, and the stage chairs in section A.

On the balcony, almost all seats are regular upholstered armchairs.