Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Date: Monday, June 24, 2016

This English translation of the General Terms & Conditions is a service of the Pierre Boulez Saal. Thus the current German version is solely legally binding. Please go to the second part of the page for the German Terms and Conditions.

1. Scope of validity

The Terms and Conditions apply to legal relations between customers, on the one hand, and the Pierre Boulez Saal, on the other. The Terms and Conditions form part of the contract which comes into existence when tickets are purchased. The Terms and Conditions also apply to subscribers and patron organizations and their members, if not waived by a separate agreement.

2. Schedules and start times

The valid schedules and start times can be found in the official publications of the Pierre Boulez Saal. The Pierre Boulez Saal reserves the right to alter the schedules and casts. The Pierre Boulez Saal accepts no responsibility for information on posters or other publications.

3. Entrance fees

The Pierre Boulez Saal will publish the valid entrance fees and make them known at the ticket offices. Discounts are available to groups of persons with special entitlements, upon request and presentation of an appropriate certificate. Discounted tickets are valid only with this certificate. If the certificate cannot be produced upon admission, the difference between the discount fee and the full entrance fee must be paid in full.

4. Provision of tickets

Tickets will be sold in advance for a season at the times listed in the publications of the Pierre Boulez Saal. The Pierre Boulez Saal reserves the right to limit the number of tickets per buyer in individual cases. Severely disabled people can be given preferential treatment.

Ticket orders in writing will be processed from the start of the advance sale period on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. There is, however, no right to have orders processed on this basis. Telephone ticket orders will be accepted from the start of the advance sale period.

If payment for ordered tickets is not received within the stipulated time limit, these tickets will be made available for resale. Pre-paid tickets can be sent by post on request. Both the costs and the risks of sending them by post will be borne by the purchaser. Purchased entry tickets may not be resold for commercial purposes without the prior consent of the Pierre Boulez Saal. If contravened, the Pierre Boulez Saal reserves the right to legal recourse and the annulment of the tickets. Furthermore, the Pierre Boulez Saal is entitled to refuse to sell entry tickets in future to those contravening the aforementioned prohibition. The Pierre Boulez Saal reserves the right to alter or amend existing ticket sale regulations. They will be published and made known at the ticket offices by the Pierre Boulez Saal.

5. Ticket refunds

Sold tickets will not be refunded, nor will compensation be paid for expired tickets, except in the cases listed below. Thus, there is no right of withdrawal pursuant to Section 312g para. 1 BGB (cf. Section 312g para. 2 no. 9 BGB). Every order of tickets is binding and pledges the costumer to pay the ordered tickets.

The Pierre Boulez Saal reserves the right to alter casts. Cast alterations and delayed beginning do not entitle ticket holders to have their tickets refunded.

If a performance is cancelled without substitution, the ticket price will be refunded, as long as the tickets are presented or sent to Ticket Services within 30 days of the scheduled date of the performance.

If a performance is ended prematurely, customers are entitled to have their tickets refunded only if the performance is ended before the first interval, or, if the performance does not have an interval, if it is ended before half of its scheduled duration has elapsed. Even in these cases, claims for refunds are valid only if the tickets are presented or sent to Ticket Services within 30 days of the date of the performance.

Apart from the right to have the entrance fee refunded, as provided in the above paragraphs, no other expenses or damages claimed by customers will be paid.

6. Payment

All transactions are encrypted according to the latest SSL 128-Bit standards. This protocol encrypts the order information, preventing third parties from reading the given data. When the system is working with SSL, the URL switches from http:// to https://, and the browser´s toolbar is replaced by the symbol of a key or a padlock. All incoming orders are processed immediately. The Pierre Boulez Saal recommends printing all transaction data and the GTC and filing them so they can be easily found.

7. Lost tickets

If a customer loses his or her ticket, he or she will be provided with a replacement ticket at the ticket office, as long as he or she gives a believable account of which ticket he or she has purchased. The holder of an original ticket takes precedence over the holder of a replacement ticket.

8. Gift Certificates

Pierre Boulez Saal Gift Certificates can be redeemed for all events (except guest performances) listed on the Pierre Boulez Saal website. The value of the Gift Certificates cannot be redeemed for cash, nor can Gift Certificates be used to purchase other Gift Certificates. Gift Certificates are valid for a period of one year, commencing with the issue date set forth thereon. If the value of the order exceeds the value or residual value of the Gift Certificate, the customer must pay the balance. Pierre Boulez Saal is not responsible for the loss or theft of Gift Certificates.

9. Entry

The audience cloakrooms and foyers are ordinarily opened two hours before the beginning of a performance. No one is entitled to enter after the performance has begun. If a patron is denied entry on account of his or her lateness, he or she has no right to have his or her ticket refunded.

10. Cloakroom

Coats and backpacks cannot be taken into the auditorium. Coats and small luggage can be left under supervision for the duration of the performance. Animals will categorically not be supervised. The Pierre Boulez Saal reserves the right to charge a cloakroom fee. Coats left for supervision are insured in accordance with published insurance terms and conditions.

Supervised property will be returned upon presentation of cloakroom tags without further proof of ownership. If no tag is presented, cloakroom items left for supervision will be returned only if the patron gives a believable account of his or her entitlement to the items.

If the patron receives the wrong items, his or her items are damaged, or he or she has lost the cloakroom tag, this must be reported immediately to the cloakroom personnel. If a tag is lost, the patron is liable for replacement costs.

11. Lost property

Lost property of any description found in the performance venues of the Pierre Boulez Saal must be handed in to the house or cloakroom personnel. Lost property will be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of §§ 978ff. of the German Civil Code.

12. Householders’ rights

Householders’ rights are attributed to the Director, who entrusts his employees, in particular, his evening personnel, to exercise these rights. The instructions of the personnel at the performance venue must be followed.

Patrons can be refused entry to the performance venue if there is reason to believe that they will disrupt the performance or upset other patrons. Patrons can be sent out of performances in progress if they are disrupting these performances or upsetting other patrons, or if they do not have valid tickets for their seats. Entry can also be refused to patrons who have repeatedly breached these General Terms and Conditions. These patrons have no right to have their entrance fees refunded, or to compensation for any damages or expenses of any other description.

Persons preventing the sale of tickets or upsetting patrons can be sent out of the performance venues. It is not permitted to offer tickets for sale in the ticket office halls or anywhere else in the performance venues or their premises. It is not permitted to take seats other than those indicated on the tickets. If a patron changes seats without entitlement, the Pierre Boulez Saal can charge the patron the difference between the paid ticket price and the ticket price for the seat occupied, send him or her back to the seat marked on the ticket, or send him or her out of the performance. Mobile phones, watches and any other technical devices with acoustic and visual signals must be switched off for the duration of the performance.

13. Image and sound recording

Patrons are forbidden to make image and/or sound recordings of any kind. Patrons can be sent out of the performance venues for violations of this rule.

Before and after the performance as well as during the intermission it is permitted to take pictures of the Pierre Boulez Saal. If image and sound recordings during a performance are carried out by persons authorized by the Pierre Boulez Saal, the patrons agree, by their presence at the performance, that their images and words may be recorded, and that they have no right to remuneration if these are broadcast or published.

14. Liability

The Pierre Boulez Saal, its representatives and its employees accept no liability for damages of any kind suffered by patrons of its performance venues, except for those caused by malice or gross negligence. Liability for injury to life, limb and health remains unaffected, if the damages in question could ordinarily have been expected.

15. Privacy rules

I hereby comply that my personal data required for orders and stated in the Privacy Policy can be collected, processed and used by the Pierre Boulez Saal in order to perform customer support. Customer support are all actions that provide the customer with essential information and therefore bring benefits to the customer. I was informed that I can withdraw my consent at all times without having to expect any disadvantages. The Pierre Boulez Saal assured all my interests concerning the data protection law are guaranteed and that my data will not be transmitted to a third party.

16. Jurisdiction

This contract is exclusively governed by German law under exclusion of its conflict of laws rules (international private law) and of UN sales law, unless mandatory laws of another jurisdiction imperatively apply in case of International Sales. Place of jurisdiction is the seat of the Pierre Boulez Saal unless another place of jurisdiction is prescribed by mandatory law.

17. Term of validity

These General Terms and Conditions will come into force on September 12th 2016.

18. Concluding clause

Should any stipulation of these General Terms and Conditions be invalid, the legal validity of the remaining Terms and Conditions will remain unaffected.


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