Pierre Boulez

The Visionary

© Philippe Gontier

Born in 1925 in Montbrison, France, 50 kilometers west of Lyon, Pierre Boulez was one of the leading universal thinkers in music history. As a composer, conductor, theorist, and cultural emissary he left his mark on many disciplines, and his intellectual legacy has only grown since his death in January 2016. The concert hall named after him is a tribute to Boulez’s lifelong championing of curiosity and education, while also being a testament to his close personal and professional friendship with Daniel Barenboim.

In principle a concert should be regarded

as a means of communication, a live contact between active participants, whether they are listeners or creative artists.

Pierre Boulez

Communication and Curiosity

Music’s role as a means of communication is essential—Pierre Boulez was keenly aware of this and always emphasized its importance for all his artistic endeavors in a career spanning more than 70 years. His striving for clarity, exactitude, and creativity was an integral part of his personality. “A composer should always be looking far ahead, looking for something new. He should be a trailblazer,” Boulez said. His life and work were dedicated to the ideal of discovering new forms of musical expression and to always maintain curiosity. It was equally clear to him that the more one invests themselves in learning about music the fuller the listening experience would be. It is our hope that his spirit will live on in this new concert hall in the heart of Berlin’s cultural center, and that his curiosity will touch visitors for generations to come, imparting a desire to listen, learn, and discover.

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