Music for the thinking ear

© Volker Kreidler


Great music is the result of concentrated listening,

every musician listening intently to the voice of the composer and to each other

Daniel Barenboim

The Pierre Boulez Saal is a space where the “thinking ear” is in its element. Where listeners are invited to dig below the surface. The “thinking ear” actively listens: it links emotions, thoughts and sensations, and approaches sound with undivided attention to create meaning. In contrast to simply hearing, it is immersed in a complex process of sensual perception and intellectual reflection. This unique concert hall provides a sounding board for dialog and enables audiences to understand music on its countless levels. It is a place where many elements — cultural, artistic, humanistic, architectural and historical — and people come together to create an environment of communication, listening and understanding.


Our vision is to bring you closer to many different kinds of extraordinary music in an intimate setting. Spanning the centuries, here contemporary music thrives and naturally co-exists with Classical, Romantic, and 20th-century repertoire. It will be a home for Arab music in Europe and serve as an explorational stage shared by world premieres, jazz, lectures and more. With a line up of leading artists, the program will present a world-class artistic level. This wide range of musical genres is a reflection of the halls unique ‘personality’ and our mission to foster curiosity in the spirit of Pierre Boulez.


The Pierre Boulez Saal’s diverse program is not only a reflection of the distinct forces that are involved in this special project, but the hall itself is a manifestation of outmost flexibility combined with the highest artistic quality. This is why we are simultaneously launching the Boulez Ensemble, a new flexible group consisting of members of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, the Staatskapelle Berlin, and guest musicians from around the world.


The Pierre Boulez Saal is a place where creation and education meet. It is where the ideal of the Barenboim-Said Akademie, education through music, will find resonance. While providing a space for students and faculty to perform, the hall will also host conferences and academic events. The Pierre Boulez Saal is an essential part of the academy, serving the students as a space to develop themselves further, under the guidance of professional artists and mentors, through performance and study. In the spirit of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, a bridge between communities from the middle east, the academy is a vibrant house of learning and a vital investment in the future of music and our global community.

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