The Boulez Ensemble

Between the Past and the Future

© Philippe Gontier

The only works of art

that are interesting to me are those which allow for a change of perspective.

Pierre Boulez

The Boulez Ensemble embodies the Pierre Boulez Saal’s artistic DNA: flexible and not bound by a permanent roster of performers, the group presents nine concerts during the 2020–21 season, led by its founder Daniel Barenboim and renowned guest conductors—programs that juxtapose the Classical and Romantic repertoire with 20th-century classics and music of the immediate present and invite listeners to explore a multitude of new and unexpected perspectives.

With Jörg Widmann’s Labyrinth IV and Matthias Pintscher’s NUR, two works written for and recently premiered by the Boulez Ensemble return to the program. A few exciting projects that fell victim to the global health crisis last season have now been rescheduled: these include the world premiere of Isabel Mundry’s Der Körper der Saite and an all-Ligeti program. Other highlights are dedicated to the music of Arnold Schoenberg, Luca Francesconi, and of course Pierre Boulez. The spiritual patron of both the hall and the ensemble, he and his oeuvre will be at the center of the second Pierre Boulez Biennale, which is being presented in cooperation with the Philharmonie de Paris and includes a performance by the Ensemble intercontemporain, which was founded by Boulez.

Meet the musicians

The Boulez Ensemble is a flexible group with no permanent members, changing its lineup from concert to concert. Explore this continuously expanded selection of individual artists’ biographies.