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The only works of art

that are interesting to me are those which allow for a change of perspective.

Pierre Boulez

Just like the Pierre Boulez Saal, the Boulez Ensemble embodies flexibility and programmatic openness. Whether presenting solo pieces or works for a multitude of different combinations of instruments, the ensemble’s concerts are focused on the inspiring juxtaposition of the Classical and Romantic repertoire with compositions from the 20th century and music of the present day. Vivaldi, Mozart, Stravinsky, Schoenberg, Boulez, Francesconi, and Hindemith—these are just a few of the composers whose works the Boulez Ensemble will perform this season, led by its founder Daniel Barenboim as well as notable guest conductors, offering an opportunity to look and listen beneath the surface and beyond the familiar.

The season’s first program is dedicated entirely to Pierre Boulez’s Répons for six soloists, ensemble, and live electronics, a trailblazing work that will be presented by conductor François-Xavier Roth in a lecture-concert format.

In this season’s second program, the Boulez Ensemble, conducted by Giuseppe Mentuccia, explores music from the 18th century to the present day. The concert led by Sir Antonio Pappano will focus on two compositions rarely heard live: Hindemith’s Four Temperaments and Schreker’s Chamber Symphony.

Meet the musicians

The Boulez Ensemble is a flexible group with no permanent members, changing its lineup from concert to concert. Explore this continuously expanded selection of individual artists’ biographies.

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